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Jazz, cocktails & Cuisine du Chef
Infos & Resa: 33140683042

Connection between all jazz styles, from blues to revisited pop, the Jazz Club Etoile offers live music sessions
from Tuesday to Saturday nights.

To book:

Call: +33 (0)1 40 68 30 42
Email: [email protected]



Bianco et Ghali
Bianca & Ghali - Jazz Duo
Tuesday, March 12 - 7.30pm
Bianca Gallice (Vocal), Ghali Hadefi (Guitar).
Koretta & JP
Koretta & JP - Guitar Vocal Duo -
Wednesday March 13 - 7.30pm
Koretta (Vocal), Jean Pierre Coubard (Guitar)
Kiss Me Tiger
Kiss me Tiger - Pop/Jazz/Electric
Thursday March 14 - 7.30pm
Hanna Hägglund (Vocal, Keyboard), Pascal Laffarge (Vocal/Guitar), Nicolas Giraud (Trumpet, Cajon,Chorus), Antoine Giraud (Soubassophone).
Beatles Workshop
Beatles Workshop - Rock
Friday March 15 - 8.30pm
Xavier Druot (Vocal/Guitars), Vincent Fournier (Vocal/Guitars), Rémi Léger (Vocal, Bass), Antoine Mollard (Vocal/Drums), Vincent Guibert (Vocal/Keyboard).
Ellen Birath
Ellen Birath and The Shadows Cats - Jazz/Soul/Funk
Saturday March 16 - 8.30pm
Ellen Birath (Vocal), Thomas Ohresser (Guitar), Matthieu Bost (Saxophone), Manuel Faivre (Trumpet), Thomas Join-Lambert (Drums), Marten Ingle (Bass).
Geraldine Delacoux, Tribute to Whitney - Soul/Pop/Gospel/RnB
Tuesday March 19 - 7.30pm
Géraldine Delacoux (Vocal), Eddy Malka (Guitar).
Cynthia Queenton
Cynthia Queenton - Jazz/Bossa
Wednesday March 20 - 7.30pm
Cynthia Queenton (Vocal), Gary Nayah (Guitar).
Soulsecho - Gospel/Jazz/Soul
Friday March 22 - 8.30pm
Kristel Adams (Vocal), Rossitza Milevska (Harp), Eddy Malka (Piano), Mike Rajamahendra (Drums).
Gatsby Follies
Gatsby Follies - Jazz Vintage
Saturday March 23 - 8.30pm
Faby Medina (Vocal), Fanny Werner (Vocal), Alex Beker (Guitar), Ramon Galan (Guitar), Didier Forget (Saxophone), Gilles Relisieux (Trumpet), Claudius Dupont (Double bass).
Fanny Werner
Fanny Werner & Alex Becker / Duo
Tuesday March 26 - 7.30pm
Fanny Werner (Vocal), Alex Becker (Guitar).
Duo Butterfly
Vanessa Macé & Franck Laglenne - Duo Butterfly - Pop Rock
Wednesday March 27 - 7.30pm
Vanessa Macé (Vocal), Franck Laglenne (Voix, Guitar).
Eddy Malka
Eddy Malka Quartet - Jazz>br> Thursday March 28 - 7.30pm
Eddy Malka (Piano), Frédéric Lopez (Drums), Thierry Fanfant (Bass), Yvon Rosillette (Guitar).
Catia Werneck
Catia Werneck - Jazz/Bossa/Soul>br> Friday March 29 - 8.30pm
Catia Werneck (Vocal), Vincent Bidal (Piano), Laurent Bertholo Tilo (Drums), Fabrizio Fenoglietto (Double Bass), Adriano Tenorio (Percussions).
Tanya Michelle
Tanya Michelle - Jazz/Soul>br> Saturday March 30 - 8.30pm
Tanya Michelle (Vocal), Eddy Malka (Piano).