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  • Jazz club stage
Infos & booking: 331-406-83042

Connection between all types of jazz, from blues to revisited pop!
Come and share a unique moment with the artists on this legendary scene in Paris, open since 1975.


Information on 01 40 68 30 42 or by email :

Concerts at 8.30pm (opening at 8pm). 

Complimentary entrance fee.


Emily Pello
Thursday, January 20, 2022 - 8:30 pm

©Photography : Marie HAMEL

Emily Pello (Voice), Vincent Guibert (Piano), François Combarieu (Guitar), Jeremy Morice (Bass), Gaëtan Demoen (Drums)

Emily Pello is a multiple and charismatic artist: singer-songwriter, musician and actress, having already proven herself as an opening act for Liza Minelli at the Olympia or Amy Winehouse in London, she has worked in the very different circles of pop, jazz, cabaret and classical music. A multi-faceted mezzo-soprano with the Sinfonia Pop Orchestra, Emily Pello is currently on tour throughout France with Disney en Concert. 
And it is at the Jazz Club Etoile, to which she is particularly attached, that she has chosen to present her 4th self-produced album. 



Saturday, January 22, 2022 - 8:30 pm

©Photography : Matthieu Vitré

Musical style : Blues / Rock
Amandyn Roses (Vocals), Charlie Fabert (Guitar), Guillaume Pihet (Drums), Pili Tempo (Bass), Thibaud Lecluse (Keyboard)

After having released 2 studio albums - the very good "Long Way To Go" and the recognized "Wide Awake" (blues album of the year 2018) - and a "live at Woodstock Guitars" album, our two accomplices Amandyn ROSES and Charlie FABERT have relentlessly ploughed their furrows in European clubs and festivals, making their music resonate with Charlie's razor sharp riffs and sublimated by Amandyn's voice. 
Rozedale, put on stand-by by the pandemic, dropped their bags at the mythical ICP studio to record their new opus. Finesse and balance are here in tune, magnified by instrumentalists who have the rare ability to put the right note on the right word, simply, without adding any...



Sarah JAD
Thursday, January 27, 2022 - 8:30 pm

©Photography : Laurent SIgwald

Musical style : Pop-Rock
Sarah Lugan (Vocals), Guillemet Xavier (Guitar), Lajoye Pascal (Guitar), Bonnet Sébastien (Bass), David Lefebvre (Drums)

Charismatic frontwoman with a powerful voice discovered in The Voice, Sarah Jad reveals today her talents as a songwriter. It is with her big smile, her grain of madness and this soul in the voice which characterizes her and makes her an artist out of frame, that she embarks you in her universe influenced pop-rock. Thanks to instant melodies, careful arrangements and universal lyrics (in English), she shares with you her magic potion, dynamic and federative of good energies!

Saturday, January 29, 2022 - 8:30pm

©Photography : Natacha Boughourlian 

Musical style : Pop / Soul / International variety 

Karim Benaziza (Drums), Xavier Zolli (Bass), Vincent Guibert (Keyboards/Guitar), Jeremy Morice (Guitar), Nevedya (Vocals), Damien Pisano (Vocals/Guitar)

It is on the top of the mountains that the group Bratz was born. In more ways than one. The idea of creating a band with a diabolical and contagious energy, capable of making Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson collide in the same breath, came from the top of the Pyrenees during an informal discussion between the leader/drummer Karim and a musician friend. In a very short time, Karim gathered around him some of the finest musicians in Paris to accompany him in this project. Thus his long-time partner Vincent "Dr. Vince" Guibert took place behind the keyboards, Jeremy "Morrison" Morice on guitar, Xavier "Mayo" Zolli on bass and to lead the front, Damien Pisano and Nevedya on vocals. With an ultra-sharp workforce, the group set out to conquer the peaks and soon made its name resound in the surrounding valleys.

Paper Dolls
Thursday, February 3, 2022 - 8.30pm

©Photography : Jerome Peyeras
Musical style : Pop / Blues / Folk
Tom Leeb (Vocals / Guitar), Linda Hurtado-Lovaton (Chorus), Benjamin Moyal (Guitars), Aurélien Lefèbvre (Drums), Nicolas Marsol (Bass), Léo Cotten (Keyboards)
Special guest : Sylvain Fétis (Saxophone), Vincent Payen (Trumpet)


Paper Dolls is a tribute band to the singer/guitarist John Mayer, an essential artist on the international scene, still too rare on the French scene.
Benjamin Moyal and Tom Leeb decided to form a band, passionate about the artist, to cover his greatest hits.
From Gravity to Queen of California or Daughters, the band Paper Dolls comes to defend John Mayer's music body and soul!
The show also includes covers of other artists who collaborated with John Mayer, such as Eric Clapton, Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, or Herbie Hancock...



Vanja Sky band
Saturday, February 5, 2022 - 8:30 pm

©Photography: Adam Kennedy
Musical style: Blues/rock
Vanja Sky (Guitar/Vocals), Robert Wendt (Guitar), Artjom Feldtser (Bass), Hanser Schüler (Drums)

Vanja Sky draws her influences from Rory Gallagher, Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. From this she has built a bridge between these giants of the blues and the new generation. She has convinced with her own compositions; with a vintage 80's sound reminiscent of Joan Jett, Vanja sings with the same bite and commitment as Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. 
Between her world tour as part of the Ruf records "Blues Caravan" with Bernard Allison and Mike Zito, her solo tours and openings for the legendary U.F.O or Canned Heat, Vanja has become a true live performer.
She regularly gathers thousands of spectators in front of the stages of important international festivals such as Rother Blues Day, Vallemaggia Magic Blues Festival, Fehmarn Festival, Moulin Blues Festival and the Rory Gallagher tribute festival. An incredible show you don't want to miss!


Ninine Garcia

Thursday, February 10, 2022 - 8:30 pm

As part of the gypsy jazz evenings sponsored by Thomas Dutronc, we present Ninine GARCIA


©Photography : Yves Bodet
Musical style : Gypsy Jazz
Ninine GARCIA (Guitar), Rocky GARCIA (Rhythm guitar), Gilles BARIKOSKY (Saxophone), Claudius DUPONT (Double bass)

Ninine GARCIA was rocked by the gypsy music of his father Mondine GARCIA.  He took up the family torch to become one of the most outstanding gypsy jazz guitarists of recent years. Author - Composer, he perpetuates with respect the memory, the richness of the culture, the heritage and the music of Django in the purest tradition.
Eclectic and talented artist, he has only produced 4 albums under his name. Yet he has so much to say! Ninine can't write music, but he has hundreds of melodies in his head

Circle of Mud
Saturday 12 February - 8.30pm

©Photography : Julien Macagnino
Musical style: Rock/Blues
Gino Monachello (Lapsteel& Guitar), Franck Bedez (Bass), Matthieu Zirn (Drums & Percussions), Flo Bauer (Vocals/Guitar), David Husser (Sound engineer)


"New generation Blues 
Is it possible to make this musical genre attractive to the new generation without forgetting its origins? This is the challenge of Circle of Mud. 
"Blues? Yes. But not only..."
Indeed, there is no point in trying to reproduce the very essence of this music, it is better to appropriate it while remaining in touch with its time.
That's how this band was born under the impulse of the guitarist Gino Monachello, quickly joined by the young Flo Bauer on vocals and guitar, then by a shock rhythm section, namely Matthieu Zirn on drums and Franck Bedez on bass. The whole thing is masterfully directed by David Husser, a prodigy of production who propels this project into unexpected spheres... 
As you can see, their music is both rootsy and contemporary, strong and accessible. It is in this spirit that the band went into the studio to record their very first album, which will undoubtedly make the Blues world react, and even elsewhere... 


Freaky Billy
Thursday 17 February - 8.30pm

©Photography : Audrey Carpentras
Musical style : 50's American music 
Xavier Bellone (Vocals/guitar), Florent Gayat (Bass), Gaetan Demoen (Drums), Vally Sullymann (Piano), Camille Grillon (Lead guitar)

Freaky Billy takes you back to the 50's in the era of good old Rock'n Roll and flamboyant Cadillacs! This group, led by a young American singer, will get your party going by reinterpreting all the standards of Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc... 
They have spent the last 10 years touring the French scene, winning over an ever-growing audience with a stage energy worthy of the early days of Rockabilly!  

We'd like to introduce you to Freaky Billy!  It is a young upcoming professional Parisian Country/50's rock band that has been touring for the past 12 years. The band is led by a young French/American singer who can't wait to share his love for good ol'fashion American rock'n roll with you