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  • Jazz club stage
Infos & booking: 331-406-83042

Connection between all types of jazz, from blues to revisited pop!
Come and share a unique moment with the artists on this legendary scene in Paris, open since 1975.


Information on 01 40 68 30 42 or by email :

Concerts at 8.30pm (opening at 8pm). 

Complimentary entrance fee.


Release party Nouvel Album de Neal Black & The Healers  
Thursday May 12, 2022 - 8.30pm

©Photography: Michel Goessens
Musical style: Texan Blues
Neal Walden (Neal Black) (Lead guitar / Vocal), Abderahman Benachour (Bass), John Michael Lattrell (Piano), Natan Goessens  (Drums), Janet Kirby - Martin (Guitar / Vocal), Frédéric Chapellier (Guitar / Vocal).

2 great American artists on tour, sharing the stage for an unforgettable live presentation of Blues & Roots music with an All-Star Band. Cherry on the cake for this exceptional evening, Fred Chapelier will do us the honor and the joy to come as a guest on a few titles! Thrills guaranteed!
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Kiss Me Tiger
Saturday May 14, 2022 - 8.30pm

©Photography: Barbara Nicoli Dahan
Style musical  : Swing Pop
Hanna Hägglund (Vocal, Keyboard), Pascal Laffa (Vocal, Guitar), Nicolas Giraud (Trumpet), Antoine Giraud (Tuba).

It Sings! It's Playing! It Swings! 
Is it Pop ? Is it Jazz? 
In any case it's fun with these four colorful artists who revisit Pop standards in their own way!
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Aurore Voilqué trio feat Angelo Debarre
Thursday May 19, 2022 - 8.30pm
©Photography: Michel Goessens
Musical style: Jazz manouche, Chansons françaises
Aurore Voilqué (Violin, vocal), Angelo Debarre (Guitar lead), Mathieu Chatelain (Rythmic Guitar), Claudius Dupont (Double Bass).

After different projects, all very different from each other (Aurore Voilqué Septet, Rhoda Scott, Mayfair Electro Jazz or Orient Occident), the violinist and singer Aurore Voilqué, is releasing a second album in tribute to the gypsy music she loves so much, alongside one of the greatest guitarists of the style, Angelo Debarre. Indeed, in 2018 she released "la valse bohémienne". In 2020, it's "un soir d'été" on which she invites Thomas Dutronc and Sanseverino for a track each. 
Surrounded by a rhythmic groove held by Mathieu Chatelain on guitar and Claudius Dupont on double bass, the two soloists can let themselves go to improvisation without any obstacle. It is undeniable, it turns and this in the tradition.
It is this true gypsy sound that the violinist went looking for by gathering these 3 musicians, among the most requested of the style. 
A magnificent journey in the gypsy universe, between Django Reinhardt's standards, French songs and magnificent compositions of the maestro Angelo Debarre.
AHMED MOUICI Band + guests
Saturday May 21, 2022 - 8.30pm 
©Photography : Gaëlle P.
Musical style: Blues

Considered as one of the greatest French male voices, Ahmed Mouici set up his first rock and roll band at the age of 13. He then released his first single in 1985 under the pseudonym Gene Evrett. Then in 1986 a second one for the label Savas, it occurs then during 10 years in numerous tours with Paul Person, Alain Bashung and Vince Taylor, in numerous festivals as the first Francofolie of La Rochelle, the spring of Bourges. See more...
Annick Tangorra & Alain Jean-Marie
Thursday June 2, 2022 - 8.30pm

Musical style: Jazz - World - Latin Jazz Caribéen….

Part 1: Annick Tangorra & Alain Jean-Marie
Part 2: Annick Tangorra & Mario Canonge - Arnaud Dolmen - Michel Zenino 

Annick Tangorra (Voice), Alain Jean Marie (Piano), Mario Canonge (Piano), Michel Zenino (Double Bass), Arnaud Dolmen (Drums). 

Part 1:
First meeting between Annick Tangorra, jazz singer who regularly collaborates with Mario Canonge and Alain Jean-Marie.
This record marks the meeting between Alain Jean-Marie (Django Reinhardt Prize 1979, Boris Vian Prize of the Jazz Academy 1999, Django d'Or 2000), who played with the greatest jazz musicians (Chet Baker, Art Farmer, Max Roach, Bill Coleman...), and Annick Tangorra crossed many times on stage or in studio. From the first rehearsals to the first compositions, and finally the album "Time for a Cry" concretizes their adventure where they explore at the same time classics like "I Cover the waterfront" or their compositions. Learn More

Phillip-Michael Scales
Saturday June 04, 2022 - 8.30pm

Photography: Phillipe Ducap
Musical style: Dive Bar Soul
Phillip-Michael (Guitar / Vocal), Alex Piazza (Bass), Matt Margeson (Drums).

When he was young, Phillip-Michael Scales had an uncle who played guitar for a living. He understood the importance of it but didn't really understand the significance of his name: BB King! And even though Phillip-Michael played guitar, he shunned the idea of soloing and anything to do with the blues. He did, however, develop an attraction to songwriting when an English teacher told him that "a great songwriter could relate to anyone. See more...


Tuff Lovers
Thursday June 09, 2022 - 8.30pm

Photography: Thierry Wakx
Musical Style: Blues - Rock
Jessie Lee Houllier (Vocal, Guitar), Vincent Martinez (Guitar, choir), Olivier Brossard (Bass, choir), Fabien Saussaye (Keyboards), Julien Audigier (Drums).

Throughout history, countless women have made their mark on the blues and fought their way to the forefront in a largely male-dominated field, often with little recognition. These women paved the way for so many musicians, and the blues would not be what it is today without their influence. 
"Talking about the facts of life" is the central theme of this music.
Whether it's relationship problems, financial problems, or discrimination, from Bessie Smith through Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Nina Simone, Etta James, Koko Taylor, and Janis Joplin, to more recent Blues Women like Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi, these women tell the real story and give advice. 
The Tuff Lovers pay tribute to these great ladies who have meant so much to the history of the Blues. The female blues at its peak!

Elise & The Sugarsweets
Saturday June 11, 2022 - 8.30pm
Photographie : Philippe Poitevin
Style musical : Rhythm & Blues
Yulia Gubenko (Lead vocals), Olivier Raymond (Guitar & backing vocals), Bala Pradal (Keyboards), Jérôme Ferrié (Bass), Olivier Ferrié (Drums), Eric Poirier (Trumpet), David Fettmann  (Saxophone).

In its current formula, the group is one of the most percussive of the French Blues, Soul and Rhythm & Blues scene. It stands out today thanks to a resolutely modern sound but nevertheless anchored in the tradition.
Elise & The Sugarsweets, celebrates today its 5 years of existence. Everyone in the band is still convinced that music plays a huge role in our lives and that it accompanies us in crucial moments, helps us reach milestones and allows us to push our limits.
After having released an EP and a first album (When The Whistle Blows and It Can't Go Wrong), their new opus in preparation will be released on June 1st 2022. 
A new sound and some new collaborations like Phlippe Sellam (No Jazz & Captain Mercier), Lorenz Rainer (Yuri Buenaventura), Martin Berlugue (Zayka, Caravane Palace), Himiko Paganotti (Magma, Francis Cabrel) and Audrey Lurie (Little Odetta) will make it one of the best releases of this year.
Get ready for a blast of Rhythm & Blues!

Viktor Lazlo "Suds"
Thursday June 16, 2022 - 8.30pm
Friday June 17, 2022 - 8.30pm

Exceptional concerts with Special Guests Leonor De Recondo & David Linx


Photography: Maxime Van Maldergem
Musical style: Jazz / Song / Word Music 
Viktor Lazlo (Vocal and Violin), Khalil Chahine (Guitar), Stephane Chausse (Clarinet, Saxs), Thierry Fanfan (Bass), Lukmil Perez (Drums).

Viktor Lazlo is a multi-faceted and polymath artist who carries her Martinique and Grenada roots loud and clear: an esteemed novelist (Charles Brisset Prize) now published by Grasset, a renowned singer (with more than 4 million albums sold worldwide) and a regularly sought-after actress (for numerous films in cinema and television). "Suds", her thirteenth and new album, is a journey full of softness and sensuality, deep and chiseled texts, delicate and elegant arrangements by Khalil Chahine. This sincere album is a real ray of sunshine, which warms the soul and the heart. One dives into it as into the Caribbean sea, refreshing, carnal and voluptuous. 

Driss Fario
Driss Farrio & the Soulbrothaz
Saturday June 18, 2022 - 8.30pm

©Photography : Alicia Didrich
Musical style: Funk / Soul
Driss Fario (Voice), Éric Rakotoarivony (Bass), Aurélien Lefebvre (Drums), Alex Galuppi (Guitar), Christophe Alary (Tenor sax), Sylvain Fétis (Baritone sax), Sylvain Bardiau (Trumpet), Olivier Caron (Trombone), Élise Aumont and Jeanne Gignoux (Voices).

DRISS FARRIO lead vocal performer and his 10 overexcited musicians are ready to set the stage of the Jazz Club Etoile on fire with a brass section, a rhythmic madness, a well-oiled machine, heritage of the sacred fire of Funk and Groove, worthy of the greatest legends of the genre. 
Funk, Soul, they have it in their hearts and on their fingertips, for more than 15 years, they multiply the performances throughout the world, in the biggest events (World Cup of Hand ball in Qatar) and accompanying great international artists such as Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones, Craig David... 
A concert, a show, an explosive live not to be missed under any circumstances... Live music to consume without moderation in a good mood. 

Ginne Marker
Friday 24 June 2022 - 8.30pm

©Photography: Grit Sanders
Musical style: Jazz-Pop
Ginne Marker (Vocals, guitar), Aske Jacoby (Guitar, backing vocals), Johan Dalgaard (Keyboards, backing vocals), Laurent Vernerey (Bass), Raphaël Chassin (Drums)

Ginne Marker is a remarkably talented Danish singer/songwriter and guitarist. A rare talent with international potential.
She's educated as a guitarist at The Royal Academy of Music, where she made quite an impression on both her fellow students and her professors as well as the local audience and cultural establishment. She has written music for theatrical plays, worked hard as a sideman with Danish pop act Dodo and The Dodo's, paid her dues playing musicals.

Her 2021-album "ULTERIA" underlines Ginne Marker's huge talent for singing, guitarplaying, and, not least, songwriting. Musically she expresses herself in a mature and well-considered way, her songs vibrate of soul, jazz and even rock'n'roll, her lyrics has deep poetic qualities and the music seems both timeless and innovative. Artists like Norah Jones and Melody Gardot pops into mind. The album features an international all-star band, which completes what by many has been called "Danish Album of the Year". The critics all agree: "ULTERIA" has received only five and six stars (out of six) reviews throughout. 

Saturday, June 25, 2022 - 8:30pm

©Photography : Natacha Boughourlian 
Musical style : Pop / Soul / International variety 
Karim Benaziza (Drums), Xavier Zolli (Bass), Vincent Guibert (Keyboards/Guitar), Jeremy Morice (Guitar), Nevedya (Vocals), Damien Pisano (Vocals/Guitar)

It is on the top of the mountains that the group Bratz was born. In more ways than one. The idea of creating a band with a diabolical and contagious energy, capable of making Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson collide in the same breath, came from the top of the Pyrenees during an informal discussion between the leader/drummer Karim and a musician friend. In a very short time, Karim gathered around him some of the finest musicians in Paris to accompany him in this project. Thus his long-time partner Vincent "Dr. Vince" Guibert took place behind the keyboards, Jeremy "Morrison" Morice on guitar, Xavier "Mayo" Zolli on bass and to lead the front, Damien Pisano and Nevedya on vocals. With an ultra-sharp workforce, the group set out to conquer the peaks and soon made its name resound in the surrounding valleys.