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Jazz, cocktails & Cuisine du Chef
Infos & Resa: 33140683042

Connection between all jazz styles, from blues to revisited pop, the Jazz Club Etoile offers live music sessions
from Tuesday to Saturday nights.

To book:

Call: +33 (0)1 40 68 30 42
Email: [email protected]



Tanya Michelle
Tanya Michelle - Jazz/Soul
Friday, September 13 - 8.30pm
Tanya Michelle (Vocal), Ida Driscoll (Choir) Eddy Malka (Piano), Zizou Sadki (Bass), Benjamin Petit (Saxo), Fred Degré (Drums).

Cynthia Queenton def
Cynthia Queenton - Jazz/Bossa
Wednesday, September 18 - 7.30pm
Cynthia Queenton (Vocal), Gary Nayah (Guitar).

The Mates - Pop Acoustique/Soul/Jazz
Friday, September 20 - 8.30pm
Eva Suissa (Vocal), Roger Machado (Vocal, Guitar), Jean Philippe Arnal (Vocal), Yann Cole (Vocal, Guitar), Antoine Pozzo di Borgo (Vocal, Bass).

Purple House - Pop/Funk/RnB
Saturday, September 21 - 8.30pm
Morgan Dress, Eva Suissa, Geraldine Delacoux, Brenda Hervé (Vocal), Jean Christophe Raufaste (Bass), Yoann Schmidt (Drums), Nenad Gajin (Guitar), Fred Dupont (Keyboard).
Alex Copler & Jeremy Morice - Pop/Urbain Acoustique
Tuesday, September 24 - 7.30pm
Alex Copler (Vocal, Guitar), Jérémy Morice (Guitar).

Travelling Souls - Jazz/World/Acoustique
Wednesday, September 25 - 7.30pm
Déborah Tanguy (Vocal), Olivier Cahours (Guitar).

Cotton Bellys
Cotton Belly's Blues - Folk/Blues/Rock
Friday, September 27 - 8.30pm
Yann Malek (Vocal, Harmonica, Guitar), Christophe Etienne (Bass), Aurélie Simenel (Drums), Mick Ravassat (Guitar).
We Love You Paul
We Love You Paul - Rock
Saturday, September 28 - 8.30pm
Pascal « Paul » Wood (Vocal, Guitar), Vincent Guibert (Keyboard, Choir), Hubert de Candolle (Guitar), Eddy Perraudin (Basse, Guitar), Nicolas Mateusiak (Drumps).

Camille & Hugo
Camille & Hugo - Duo Pop/Jazz/Soul/Groove
Tuesday, October 1 - 7.30pm
Camille Grillon (Vocal, Guitar, Loop), Hugo Afettouche (Saxo, Keyboard, Multipad).

Sean Gourley & clement Blumen
Jazz Bop/ Standards
Wednesday, October 2 - 7.30pm
Sean Gourley (Guitar, Vocal), Clément Blumen (Bass)

Adrien Moignard Trio & Christophe Cravero : Tribute to Didier Lockwood
Gypsy jazz sponsored by Thomas Dutronc - Thursday, October 3
Adrien Moignard (Guitar Solo), Mathieu Chatelain (Guitar rythmique), Jérémie Arranger (Basse), Christophe Cravero (Violon,Orgue).

Sofai Martin's - Blues/Rock
Friday, October 4
Sofaï Martins (Vocal, Guitar), Danny Montgomery (Drums), Martin Ingle (Bass), Mar Todany (Guitar), Slim Batteux (Keyboard).

Ellen Birath
Ellen Birath & The Shadow Cats - Jazz/Soul/Funk
Saturday, October 5
Ellen Birath (Vocal), Thomas Ohresser (Guitar), Matthieu Bost (Saxo), Manuel Faivre (Trumps), Thomas Join-Lambert (Dumps), Marten Ingle (Bass).

Cynthia Queenton def
Cynthia Queenton - Jazz/Bossa
Tuesday, October 8
Cynthia Queenton (Vocal), Gary Nayah (Guitar).

One Shot
One Shot - One Take
Duo Pop/Jazz Acoustique
Wednesday, October 9
Emily Pello (Vocal), François Combarieu (Guitar).

Mathias Levy - Jazz/Violon
Thursday, October 10
Mathias Levy (Violon), Jean Philippe Viret (Guitar, cello), Sébastien Giniaux (Bass).

James & Black - Guérilla Soul/Jazz - Friday, October 11
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

Bella Black (Vocal), Bruce James (Piano, Choir).

bratz en
Bratz - Rock Intense
Saturday, October 12
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

Karim Benaziza (Drums, Vocal), Oma (Vocal), Damien Pisano (Vocal), Hugo Flériag (Vocal), Jeremy Morice (Guitar, Vocal), Vincent Guibert (Keyboard), Xavier Zolli (Bass).
Take Two
Take Two - Pop/Soul
Tuesday, October 15
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

Sarah Lugan (Vocal), Xavier Guillemet (Guitar).

Concert event : Weare4
Jazz & Hip Hop
Wednesday, October 16
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

André Ceccarelli (Drums), Sly Johnson (Vocal, Beat box), Laurent De Wilde (Fender Rhodes), Fifi Chayeb (Bass).

Shijin - Jazz Word Spirit
Thursday, October 17 - 7.30 pm 1st part: presentation of the Master-Class students of the Pôle Supérieur de Paris and the members of Shijin.
Shijin Concert - 8:30 pm
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

Shijin - Jacques Schwarz-Bart (Saxo), Stéphane Galland (Drums), Malcolm Braff (Piano), Laurent David (Bass).

Shijin is an oriental symbol representing the guardians of the four cardinal points. Each guardian is also related to an animal, a season, a color, an element, a virtue. This quartet is the meeting point and the alliance of four powerful musical entities, each bringing their experience, style and culture of origin. The telluric bass of Laurent David, the Phoenix-like piano style of Malcolm Braff, the cosmic saxophone of Jacques Schwarz-Bart and the niagaresque drumming of Stephane Galland are the magic ingredients involved in this musical and spiritual exploration. The recording was made through a layering process. Bass and drums were created initially in Paris. Keyboards were added in Chamonix, and eventually the sax parts were created and recorded in Boston. The result displayed a level of strength, coherence and a collective aesthetic that seemed orchestrated by fate. A true band is born, where the whole is greater than the sum of all parts.

Maureen Angot
Maureen Angot 90 is my Jazz - Jazz and covers 90 rearranged
Friday, October 18
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

Ralph Lavital (Guitar), Kevin Jubert (Keyboard), Matthieu Edwards (Drums), Maureen (Vocal).

Eric Serra
Eric Serra & RXRA Group - Film Music / Pop Fusion
Saturday, October 19 - 8.30pm
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

Eric Serra (Bass), Thierry Eliez (Piano), Damien Schmitt (Drums), Pierre Marcault (Percussions), Jim Grandcamp (Guitar), Renan Richard-Kobel (Saxo).
Audrey Lurie
Audrey Lurie & The Major Jets - Rock/Soul/Blues
Friday, October 25
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

Audrey Lurie (Respect Sisters) (Vocal), Pascal Simoni (Rita Mitsouko, Vigon, Au bonheur des dames) (Keyboard, Vocal), Amaury Blanchard (Renaud,De Palmas,Mano Solo,Higelin)(Dumps), Mathieu Geoffroy (Bass, Vocal), Sylvain Lafarge(Rita Mitsouko) (Guitar, Vocal)

Heart Harmony - Gospel/Soul/Jazz
Saturday, October 26
As part of the Jazz Sur Seine Festival.

Jeremie Viraye (Vocal), Tess Hedreville (Choir), Isa Koper (Choir), Olivier Marchevet (Drummer), Haja Andriamanohy (Piano), Guy Bervin (Bass), Patrick Sedoc (Guitar).